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When does Highways sync transcripts to Intercom?

In general, Highways Apps sync transcripts from Intercom when you undertake a significant action within our apps. For example: Creating a Contact, Person, User or Lead Creating a Deal, Opportunity or Task Adding a Note or Comment However, we also continuously sync Intercom transcripts for the following apps: Pipedrive Keap HubSpot SalesLoft Zendesk Sell Our […]

How do I connect SalesLoft to Intercom?

To connect SalesLoft Intercom, you will require: An Intercom Account A SalesLoft Account Generally speaking, you will require an admin of both Intercom and SalesLoftto install your App first before other teammates in Intercom can use it. When you are ready, head to our SalesLoft App page and click Install. You will be guided through […]

How do I create a person in SalesLoft with Intercom?

When the SalesLoft App loads in Intercom, it will search for an existing contact in your SalesLoft instance based on the email of the Intercom contact. If a person exists, the person’s information will be shown. To create a person, or if one does not exist, simply click Create Person when prompted. On the next […]

How do I view a person’s profile in SalesLoft with Intercom?

If a person exists in your SalesLoft instance, they will be displayed as shown below. To view their profile information, simply click their name or avatar as shown: On the next page, their profile will be shown along with options to create a note for their profile, sync the most recent Intercom transcript to SalesLoft […]

Syncing the Intercom Conversation to SalesLoft

By default, the Intercom transcript is automatically synced to SalesLoft when a person is created or they are added to a Cadence using the SalesLoft app. To manually sync the current Intercom transcript, along with a link to the conversation itself, simply click the person’s avatar from the main canvas: Scroll to the end of […]

Can I add a person to a cadence in SalesLoft with Intercom?

Yes! To add a person to a SalesLoft cadence with Intercom, simply choose Add to Cadence from the main canvas: From there, choose the Cadence you wish to add a Person to and then click Add to Cadence If successful, you will receive positive confirmation: And the cadence will display in the main canvas. To […]

How can I view or add notes to a person in SalesLoft from Intercom?

To view or add notes, click the avatar of the person from the main canvas: When their profile loads, there most recent notes will be displayed in Intercom as pulled from SalesLoft. To add a new note, click Add Note Then you can add a Subject and Content to the note, and when ready, click […]

How do I review SalesLoft Call information in Intercom?

On the main canvas, the most recent three calls to a given contact will be shown. This information will include the status of the call and the sentiment, in addition to the date the call was made. By clicking a given call, further information can be obtained: Note: The level of information available for a […]

Can I make calls in SalesLoft from Intercom?

At present, our app does not support the making or receiving of calls in the Intercom Inbox. This is partly due to constraints of the Intercom Canvas and partly with restrictions of the SalesLoft API. As a workaround, we provide a direct link to the SalesLoft dialler in the Intercom Inbox. We would welcome your […]