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Pipedrive Security Alert – April 14th, 2020

Summary At 12:25 pm EST on April 14th, Highways was informed by the Pipedrive Marketplace Team that the Client Secret had been exposed via their Marketplace. A Client Secret is used to authenticate apps, such as Highways, with a Pipedrive account. In general, this secret is never shared or known to anyone except the system […]

When does Highways sync transcripts to Intercom?

In general, Highways Apps sync transcripts from Intercom when you undertake a significant action within our apps. For example: Creating a Contact, Person, User or Lead Creating a Deal, Opportunity or Task Adding a Note or Comment However, we also continuously sync Intercom transcripts for the following apps: Pipedrive Keap HubSpot SalesLoft Zendesk Sell Our […]

Why choose Pipedrive by Highways for Intercom?

Pipedrive by Highways was designed from the ground up to close the gaps present in other apps for Pipedrive and Intercom. Compared to other apps, the Pipedrive by Highways app offers: The only app to offer a full view of Pipedrive data whilst chatting to customers in Intercom. A full overview of the person profile […]

Can I use different Pipedrive accounts in different Intercom Inboxes / Workspaces?

In short, yes. However, please read this documentation fully to understand the requirements. Let’s assume you have a company with 100 Intercom Users and 4 Intercom Inboxes / Workspaces. Your 100 Intercom Users have access to some or all of these Inboxes/Workspaces. Now, these Intercom Inboxes have different uses. For example, one may be for […]

How do I choose the deal pipeline or stage?

When Highways creates a Deal in Pipedrive, we supply the Stage of the Deal. Each Pipeline has distinct Stages, and these Stages are tied to a given Pipeline. When creating a deal, you can place your deal in a given Pipeline and at a given stage by simply selecting the Stage when creating it. Note: […]

“Something went wrong. If this continues, please contact the developer of this App”

This error can be display from time to time in the Intercom Inbox. Unfortunately, this error can be shown due to various issues both in Intercom and Highways. How to Fix This Error Check your internet connection. If you have a poor or slow connection, there may be a timeout between your Intercom Inbox and […]

How can I view Pipedrive deal information from the Intercom Inbox?

When a Pipedrive contact has deals attached to them, they will display under the Lastest Deals tab. This tab lists deals by date. To view deal information, simply click the deal title. In the below example, you would click ‘New Deal for Summer On the following screen, you will see the deal information. On the […]

How can I create a Deal in Pipedrive from the Intercom Inbox?

To create a deal for a contact, the contact must first exist. You should create a contact in Intercom, or Pipedrive, before completing these steps. From the main screen, click Create Deal On the deal creation screen, enter the name, value and status. Then click Create Deal If the deal is successfully created, you will […]

How do I view a Person in Pipedrive from the Intercom Inbox?

Firstly, you will need to have created a contact or the contact must exist in Pipedrive already. If they exist, their contact card will show in Intercom: To view their information, simply click their name under the Person tab. The contact’s information will then show: To view their information in Pipedive, click View on Pipedrive. […]