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When does Highways sync transcripts to Intercom?

In general, Highways Apps sync transcripts from Intercom when you undertake a significant action within our apps. For example: Creating a Contact, Person, User or Lead Creating a Deal, Opportunity or Task Adding a Note or Comment However, we also continuously sync Intercom transcripts for the following apps: Pipedrive Keap HubSpot SalesLoft Zendesk Sell Our […]

Why choose HubSpot by Highways over other HubSpot Apps?

HubSpot by Highways was designed from the ground up to give the best features for Intercom and HubSpot users from the Intercom Inbox. Compared to other apps, the HubSpot by Highways app offers: A full overview of the lead profile including additional meta fields like contact information, revenue reports and address. Complete control to create […]

How to create a HubSpot Deal in Intercom

To create a deal in HubSpot from Intercom, you must first create or have an existing Contact. Once created, from the contact overview screen, click Create Deal On the next screen, enter your deal information. In this example, the deal name is New NYC Deal, the value is 14,750USD, the state is Appointment Scheduled and […]

How to create a HubSpot Contact in Intercom

To begin, open your Intercom Inbox and ensure the HubSpot by Highways App is installed. If a contact does not exist in your HubSpot account, you will be presented with the Create Contact screen: Click be Create Contact and you will be presented with the Contact details screen. Please note, the email cannot be changed […]