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Can I create Activities in Pipedrive from Highways Sync?

Yes, you can! By default, Highways Sync will check for a custom activity type called Highways Sync in Pipedrive. If that activity exists, then it will add the activity when a conversation is synced. How to Create A Custom Activity in Pipedrive Open your Pipedrive Account and click Settings Choose Company Settings, then Activity Types […]

Can I transfer previous or historical conversations with Sync?

At present, Highways Sync supports the following systems for historical conversation retrieval: Intercom Please contact us if your system is not listed and we will endeavour to support it. When triggered, Highways will retrieve all information within a specified date range, or a number of days since the day of the request. Important Information Some […]

Intercom Messages & Highways Sync

Before we get started, it’s important to understand the difference between Messages and Conversations in Intercom. Messages – These are pieces of text sent to and from users or leads in Intercom. They can be emails, in-app or push. Conversations – These are collections of messages that you read in the Intercom Inbox. When a […]

Can I reauthorise an App without deleting a Sync?

Yes. Syncs and Applications are distinct. To reconnect, disable or delete an Application, simply click Applications in your console: Important: If you disable or delete an application, any Sync associated with that Application will also be disabled and/or deleted. Reconnecting does not impact or alter Syncs.

How do I disable a Sync?

To disable a Sync, simply click the appropriate green tick mark for the given Sync. In this example, the connection between Intercom and HubSpot is currently active: When disabled, the green tick will be replaced by a red cross: Note, if you intend not to use a Sync please ensure the Sync is deleted. You […]

How do I connect my Apps in Highways Sync?

To get started, you will need to open an account with Highways Sync @ or login if you have an existing account. Important: Users of our Intercom Inbox App suite will need to create a new account Sync to use Highways Sync Once you have created an account and have logged in, you will […]

Are conversations synced in real-time?

On average, a conversation is synced once every 15 mins after the last recorded update. Highways always wait approximately 15 mins after the last update to ensure that your tools are not overly updated with minor changes in conversations. Highways only syncs when changes occur and makes the best effort to avoid duplicate entries.