How do I install the app?

Almost all of our apps require very little to install, generally a few clicks and it's done. We offer full installation guides for all our apps.

In some cases like with Microsoft Dynamics it can take some extra leg work to setup.

Can I restrict who is able to install the app?

Not currently. We intend to add this functionality down the line with permissions and invite only installs.

Can we pay annually instead of monthly?

Yes you certainly can. This option is available via the payment section within the admin dashboard at - from there you'll be able to administer your apps and updating pricing etc.

What are my payment options?

As of right now, Highways only accepts payments through Credit Card via the payment portal at - if you'd like to pay by invoice or other form, please chat to us using Intercom.

We want to cancel our subscription, can we do that?

Yes, this is possible via your payment portal at - if you're having issues please chat to our support team via the Intercom messenger. We do not offer refunds - the 14 day free trial is there to enable you and your team to make the right buying decision.