We make Intercom integrations.

We too believe in Intercom's mission to make internet business personal. We believe their product is a solution to that problem and we want to help them on that mission.
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Sick of spammy and impersonal communications - then we found Intercom.

After years of using their product, we found the real power of Intercom can come when it's integrated with the rest of your tech stack.

We built an integration with Pipedrive, this was just for us - but we found it so useful we decided to list it on Intercom's app store and it took off.

Since that first app, we've built 100s of integrations, from simple inbox apps, to attributes mappers and even transcript syncing.
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A small distributed team of builders

We're a small team and we like it that way.
Our favourite book is Small Giants.
Check out Small Giants
Build high end, highly functional and integrations
Create maximum value for a small number of customers
Start small, but allow the customer to think big.
Always focus on value and solving from first principles
Never forget the job to be done when building
Enjoy the journey together

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