At present, Highways Sync supports the following systems for historical conversation retrieval:

  • Intercom

Please contact us if your system is not listed and we will endeavour to support it.

When triggered, Highways will retrieve all information within a specified date range, or a number of days since the day of the request.

Important Information

  • Some systems do not accept a date indicating when a conversation took place For example, in HubSpot, a conversation from two months ago will appear first in the Notes section as HubSpot does not accept a date parameter when creating a Note. Conversely, in Pipedrive, the conversation should have the correct date applied and should appear in the correct order in the Person timeline.
  • When retrieved, there is no way for Highways to know if the conversation has already been synced and there is a likelihood of duplicates if you have been using Highways Sync for some time. We recommend you request historical data for dates you are sure that you were not using Highways Sync or request historic data immediately upon using Highways Sync.
  • There is no delete, pause, undo or retry button for this procedure. Highways will make it’s best effort to correctly transport and insert your conversational data but cannot be held responsible for loss, corruption or data charges from your provider.

How to Transfer Historical Data

  1. Read and accept the important information displayed on this page and understand that your system may contain duplicates and/or information that is not in chronological order.
  2. Open a support message with Highways to include the date range you wish to export historical data from. At present, Highways will export at most one year (366 days) of data in a single request.
  3. Highways will action your request and the historical data will be retrieved and exported to your systems.

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