In general, Highways Apps sync transcripts from Intercom when you undertake a significant action within our apps. For example:

  • Creating a Contact, Person, User or Lead
  • Creating a Deal, Opportunity or Task
  • Adding a Note or Comment

However, we also continuously sync Intercom transcripts for the following apps:

  • Pipedrive
  • Keap
  • HubSpot
  • SalesLoft
  • Zendesk Sell

Our apps monitor your Inbox via Intercom Webhooks and as conversations are updated, we sync the latest conversation information approximately every 15 mins.

Do you sync every change or update?

We do, but we attempt to wait until the conversation stops updating first.

We always wait until 15 mins after the last conversation update to prevent multiple updates to your other system. If we synced every change, then every single chat message would land in your other system and you would quickly get swamped!

Do you create activities or tasks when conversations are synced?

In general, when conversations are synced we create a Note (or similar object) on a Person/User/Customer record.

For Pipedrive, we also create an Activity and to this attach the most recent conversation. This Activity can be used for triggers.

Do you include a link to and text of the Intercom Conversation?

Yes, all our transcripts include the conversation text and a direct URL to the conversation in Intercom. Please note, depending on the length and information sent by Intercom, the text shown in your connected system may differ from that displayed in Intercom and/or be truncated.

Highways recommend that you always check Intercom for the latest conversation information and not to base key decisions on the information shown in your other system.

Do you sync old, archived or historical conversations?

No, we only sync conversations that are updated after our apps are installed. If you require this feature, please contact us.

Do you sync conversations to the Person/Contact or the Deal/Opportunity?

Highways always only syncs a transcript to the Person or Contact record in your connected system e.g. Pipedrive, HubSpot etc. Whilst we acknowledge that some users of our apps may require the transcript in another area e.g. Attached to a Pipedrive Deal, this is simply not possible at this time. The reason for this is that from Intercom, there is no way for Highways to know which Deal or Opportunity to attach a transcript to especially if there is more than one Deal or Opportunity attached to Contact.

In summary, Highways will only ever attach a conversation transcript to a Contact or Person record in a connected system.

Do I need the Highways App installed to sync transcripts?

Yes, and an active Highways app user must be assigned to the conversation that is being updated or the message being sent. We do not sync conversations that are not assigned to users of our apps. Likewise, we do not sync conversations that are unassigned or assigned to Intercom teams.

If your business requires that all conversations are synced, please contact us.

If I send an auto or campaign message, does it sync?

As per Intercom’s system design and restrictions, Highways is only informed of updates as admin’s or users/leads reply. We cannot sync changes that are not replies or direct messages as Intercom will not tell us about them. A common example of this would be if you created a brand new contact in Intercom and added them to a campaign to send them an email. Highways would only be informed of any conversation updates if the contact, or an admin, created a further reply at a later date.

If you would like to see this changed, please contact your Intercom representative and let them know! Highways, unfortunately, have no control over this restriction.

Do you sync other Intercom data like user fields, segments and custom meta fields?

At present, we only sync conversations in a single direction from Intercom to the connected system e.g. Pipedrive, SalesLoft etc. We currently have no plans to transfer other data and we recommend reviewing systems like, Zapier and for this task.

Do Highways store, analyse or process our Intercom Conversations?

No, Highways does not store, mine or analyse any part of the Intercom Conversation being synced. When Highways is notified of a change by Intercom Webhooks, Highway’s store the Conversation ID and the last update time. When the conversation has finished updating, the Highways system pulls the conversation via the Intercom API and places it directly into your connected system.

Can I enable or disable transcript syncing?

Important, you must be a Highways Admin to enable or disable transcript syncing. By default, this is the person that first installs a Highways App to an Intercom Workspace. If you are unsure who your admin is, please chat to us.

By default, continuous syncing is disabled.

To change your settings for syncing for a Highways App in an Intercom workspace, open your Highways console here and click Workspaces.

For each app, you can enable or disable syncing by clicking the Transcript Sync button. A tick indicates syncing is enabled, whilst an X indicates syncing is disabled.

In the above screenshot, MS Dynamics Sales and MS Dynamics have their syncing disabled whilst MS Dynamics Cases and Keap by Infusionsoft are enabled.

Please note, you must be the Highways Admin to view these settings and these settings apply to all users of a given app in a given Intercom workspace. Highways does not currently support disabling syncing based on the user, only by workspace.

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