In short, yes. However, please read this documentation fully to understand the requirements.

Let’s assume you have a company with 100 Intercom Users and 4 Intercom Inboxes / Workspaces. Your 100 Intercom Users have access to some or all of these Inboxes/Workspaces.

Now, these Intercom Inboxes have different uses. For example, one may be for Sales, another for Technical Support and a further one for Internal Help Desk.

If a user requires access to the same, or different Pipedrive accounts, in each workspace, we support this provided the user does not require access to multiple Pipedrive accounts in the same Intercom Inbox at the same time.

In other words, let’s assume an Intercom User is part of the Sales and Support Workspaces. They may use their Sales Pipedrive Account in the Sales workspace, and their Support Pipedrive Account in the Support Workspace. But they cannot use both their Sales and Support Pipedrive Accounts in the same workspace at the same time.

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