Highways calculate seats on a per-user-install, per-Intercom-workspace basis.

Example Seat Calculation

The best way to explain this is with a worked example for users of our Pipedrive App.

Let’s assume Acme Corp has 100 Intercom Users and 50 Pipedrive Users. They have 4 Intercom Workspaces.

Their Intercom Admins install the Pipedrive by Highways App to 3 of their Intercom Workspaces. The following is a break down of the number of Intercom users that use the Pipedrive by Highways App in each Intercom workspace:

Intercom Workspace A: 20 Users

Intercom Workspace B: 40 Users

Intercom Workspace C: 50 Users

Intercom Workspace D: None

Acme Corp would be using 20 + 40 + 50 = 110 Highway seats.

Why in this example are their more Highways seats than Intercom users?

An Intercom user may be part of more than one Intercom workspace and in each workspace, they may use the Pipedrive App. Hence they are using a seat in each workspace which counts towards the total.

Do you factor the number of Intercom or third party app seats?

No. We only bill for the number of Highways seats you use, as per the calculation above.

As an Intercom Admin, can I limit who uses an App?

By default, an App is available to everyone within an Intercom Workspace. This is controlled by Intercom, not Highways. However, Highways only counts a seat if a user fully installs a Highways App. In other words, a seat is only counted if an Intercom user actually uses a Highways App.

Are workspaces billed separately?

Yes. Each Intercom workspace is distinct and billed as it’s own entity.

I have a big team, do you discount?

Yes! Please contact us for scaled pricing.

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