Monthly Archives: November 2019

Can I use different Pipedrive accounts in different Intercom Inboxes / Workspaces?

In short, yes. However, please read this documentation fully to understand the requirements. Let’s assume you have a company with 100 Intercom Users and 4 Intercom Inboxes / Workspaces. Your 100 Intercom Users have access to some or all of these Inboxes/Workspaces. Now, these Intercom Inboxes have different uses. For example, one may be for […]

How do I choose the deal pipeline or stage?

When Highways creates a Deal in Pipedrive, we supply the Stage of the Deal. Each Pipeline has distinct Stages, and these Stages are tied to a given Pipeline. When creating a deal, you can place your deal in a given Pipeline and at a given stage by simply selecting the Stage when creating it. Note: […]

Can I limit access to Apps?

Highways only bills for seats that are in use. For example, let’s assume your company has 100 Intercom Users. When the Pipedrive by Highways App is installed, all 100 users potentially have access to the Pipedrive App. If, however, only 5 users install the Highways App, you will only be billed for 5 seats. In […]

How are ‘seats’ calculated?

Highways calculate seats on a per-user-install, per-Intercom-workspace basis. Example Seat Calculation The best way to explain this is with a worked example for users of our Pipedrive App. Let’s assume Acme Corp has 100 Intercom Users and 50 Pipedrive Users. They have 4 Intercom Workspaces. Their Intercom Admins install the Pipedrive by Highways App to […]