This error can be display from time to time in the Intercom Inbox. Unfortunately, this error can be shown due to various issues both in Intercom and Highways.

How to Fix This Error

  1. Check your internet connection. If you have a poor or slow connection, there may be a timeout between your Intercom Inbox and the App eco-space.
  2. Re-install / Re-authenticate the Pipedrive App. This is a non-destructive operation, meaning you will not lose any data. You can begin this process by clicking here.
  3. Open a support ticket with Highways and we can investigate for you. Please note, you should attempt steps 1 and 2 prior to opening a ticket as these have high success rates in fixing this issue.

In general, this error is nearly always fixed by re-installing / re-authenticating the Pipedrive by Highways App. To do so, click here.

Click To Here Reinstall Pipedrive

You Will Not Lose Data If You Reinstall Our Apps

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