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HOWTO: Resetting a User Password

When a Highways App is installed, an account is created for that user in Highways. This account utilises the email of the Intercom Account that installed the App. I installed an App recently and my password isn’t working for the Highways Admin Console? When an App is installed in Highways, and we created your account, […]

HOWTO: Accessing the Highways Admin Console

Highways include an administrative panel to allow a Workspace admin to control and maintain their Highways Apps. In this panel an admin can: View and remove users from Highways Enter and update billing information. Enable Two Factor Authentication Chat directly with Highways Support How to log into the Highways Admin Console Open You can […]

“Something went wrong. If this continues, please contact the developer of this App”

This error can be display from time to time in the Intercom Inbox. Unfortunately, this error can be shown due to various issues both in Intercom and Highways. How to Fix This Error Check your internet connection. If you have a poor or slow connection, there may be a timeout between your Intercom Inbox and […]

How can I view Pipedrive deal information from the Intercom Inbox?

When a Pipedrive contact has deals attached to them, they will display under the Lastest Deals tab. This tab lists deals by date. To view deal information, simply click the deal title. In the below example, you would click ‘New Deal for Summer On the following screen, you will see the deal information. On the […]

How can I create a Deal in Pipedrive from the Intercom Inbox?

To create a deal for a contact, the contact must first exist. You should create a contact in Intercom, or Pipedrive, before completing these steps. From the main screen, click Create Deal On the deal creation screen, enter the name, value and status. Then click Create Deal If the deal is successfully created, you will […]

How do I view a Person in Pipedrive from the Intercom Inbox?

Firstly, you will need to have created a contact or the contact must exist in Pipedrive already. If they exist, their contact card will show in Intercom: To view their information, simply click their name under the Person tab. The contact’s information will then show: To view their information in Pipedive, click View on Pipedrive. […]

How do I create a Person or Contact in Pipedrive with Intercom?

When you open a conversation in Intercom, and a contact does not exist in Pipedrive, you will be presented with the following app screen: Click Create Person and you will be directed to the next screen where you can enter the contacts name. Please note, the user’s email is not editable as it is tied […]

“Your workspace does not have a valid subscription to use Please check your billing information.”

If you receive this error: Your workspace does not have a valid subscription to use Please check your billing information. It means your workspace does not have a valid subscription to Highways and hence no App can be used. To fix this, subscribe to a Highways plan via your cockpit. You’ll find out more […]

Do I need individual Pipedrive Accounts?

Yes, each Intercom team member requires their own Pipedrive Account. This is caused by the method by which Pipedrive issues authentication tokens. Highways recommend you do not share Pipedrive accounts when linking to Intercom. Why can I not share Pipedrive accounts? Let’s imagine there are three Intercom team members: Anne, Bob and Charles. Anna has […]

How to Delete A Workspace

When an App is installed to an Intercom Workspace, Highways creates a Workspace in our console. It is here you can track team members in addition to handle billing and subscriptions. To delete a workspace, simply log into your account here and click Workspaces, then the Red X icon. Important: This action cannot be […]